xEdu Spring '17: Meet Ve-Top

xEdu Spring '17: Meet Ve-Top

Continuous training is extremely important for skill-based work, and if not done properly can lead to costly mistakes. For example, in Europe 23% of citizens are said to be directly affected by medical error, and these errors are said to be the third leading cause of death in the USA. Additional/continuous training with simulations can reduce errors; however, current training methods are time intensive, resource intensive, costly, and do not track what skills professionals/student are at risk of degrading.

Ve-Top is a distribution platform for educators which distributes virtual reality content, collects data from the content, and plots a path for improvement for students and professionals. Ve-Top is currently helping medical students and professionals improve skills while reducing harmful medical errors.

By automating the training process using virtual environment, we can significantly reduce the cost of training, resources usage, and time needed to do traditional training. Moreover, Ve-Top tracks each professional's progress to recommend ways to improve skills and create a growth plan. The objective is to automate and personalise the learning process using virtual reality, data, and machine learning.

xEdu Spring '17: Meet Skyler Education

xEdu Spring '17: Meet Skyler Education

Another close-up of a wonderful team from xEdu Spring '17 program. Meet Skyler — a perfect tool that helps teachers and students manage project-based learning from beginning to end.

Countries like Finland, Estonia, Australia and UK, among many others, have decided to implement curricula with a strong focus on project-based learning methods. However, it turns out to be a very challenging endeavour. Only 28% of teachers in OECD countries are actually able to use student-centered teaching methods and 96% of employers claim that young people still lack basic working skills. Therefore, students need help in developing learning and working skills and teachers need help with using the project-based learning methods that help students develop these skills.

Skyler’s teacher app allows a teacher to plan for project-based learning in 5 simple steps for setting goals, designing the activities and planning assessment. The information from teacher app is then sent to the student mobile app where students can plan their learning activities alone or collaboratively, choose their own learning space, send and receive feedback and assess themselves as well as their peers.The feedback and reports from the students are color-coded and visible for the teacher in real time. This allows the teacher to monitor students’ learning and give individual support, inside the classroom and out.

xEdu Spring '17: Meet The Dibidogs

xEdu Spring '17: Meet The Dibidogs

We continue to acquaint you with our Spring '17 startup batch. Today we want to share with you an amazing #FunLearning project — The Dibidogs.

Dibidogs Creative Education creates innovative digital solutions for pre-school children and 1st-2nd graders. These playful puppies want to be kids’ best friends in learning. Dibidogs TV-series has already over 50 million viewers, and now fans have an opportunity to play and learn with their favourite characters. 

Dibigochi: Emphasis on speaking and pronunciation. Children are not taught by a teacher, but instead, the child becomes an English language coach for the virtual Dibidog.

Dibicode: Computational thinking and coding education for preschool children, not even able to read yet. Strong emphasis on visual attractiveness.

Dibitales: State-of-the-art application in which children can create their own movies. Unique learning method for storytelling.

Dibiplay: Fun and educational mobile games for generating learning curiosity.

Dibi Academy: Early childhood education centres in China.

xEdu Spring '17: Meet Skidos

xEdu Spring '17: Meet Skidos

We would like you to take a closer look at our Spring batch of start-ups. Each of them is unique and totally worth your attention.

Let's start with Skidos. This team is building the world's largest platform of casual games for STEM education. Their proprietary SDK (Software Development Kit) converts engaging or hit casual games into fun learning games to practice & learn critical school skills like mathematics, computational thinking, English and sciences. Check them out!

Skidos partners with games studios rather than compete and offers them a new revenue stream for their casual game titles. Kids get to play and learn key skills during their regular game time while parents and teachers track their progress using the advanced analytics in the SDK. Check this out!

xEdu acceleration journey

xEdu acceleration journey

We are extremely excited to accept a new batch of incredible EdTech start-ups to xEdu family. Among over a 100 of high-quality applications we have chosen the best ones. They will start their acceleration journey in March.

Participating in xEdu program opens a massive gate of opportunities for a startup company. If you get accepted to xEdu acceleration program it means that we believe in your success. We believe that your EdTech product can reach the stars and our first mission is to show you the way there. Let these planets of our expertise be your guideline that would bring you to international success.

Meet xEdu Spring '17 start-ups!

Meet xEdu Spring '17 start-ups!

After receiving more than 100 applications, we have carefully selected the best teams for the Spring '17 program! Let us introduce you the new batch of incredible EdTech companies that will change the game of Education business in the near future. 





The Dibidogs


5 More Minutes


Cuppla Technology










Interactive Scientific


Leikki Group

Website under construction

Cooperation with HKEdCity

Cooperation with HKEdCity

We, together with Polkuni, signed an MOU with Hong Kong Education City witnessed by Finnish Consul General Jari Sinkari. Our cooperation with them has already started. Three teams that have graduated from our program will start pilots in 26 schools in Hong Kong in February 2017. More teams will follow later this year and we will keep you updated.

Full House at Slush EdTech welcome drinks

The house was jam-packed, spirits were high (and free), and hot dogs were tasty at our annual Slush EdTech welcome drinks. One problem, though; because of fire regulations we could not fit in all who would have liked to.

Here, we collected some visual memories of this year’s event. Make sure you book 30th of November 2017 from your calendars because then we will meet again. With extra space to make room for everyone.

Fun Learning Lift Off in Pictures

xEdu Fall '16 start-ups had their final pitches at the Fun Learning lift off event. Held at Aalto University Learning Centre, the Lift off was a great uniting opportunity for a huge EdTech community. Fun Learning officially lifted off and so did our start-ups. The sky is the limit!

We saved some picture of this cosmic event:

Quarter of a million pupils will get the access to Seppo learning tool

Quarter of a million pupils will get the access to Seppo learning tool

Today we want to share the latest news about one of our graduates, a Pokemon Go! of serious gaming — Seppo.

Seppo is an easy-to-use tool for all educators to create and share educational games. The games are played in teams in authentic real life environment using mobile devices. This platform changes the schoolyard, museum, school trip or local park to the learning environment and has a huge impact on learning motivation.

”A few weeks ago we agreed with GEMS Education (the biggest private owned school organisation in the world) that Seppo will be endorsed to all GEMS school in the world. Huge success for us!” Seppo CEO Riku Alkio commented.

There are about 250 000 pupils in the GEMS schools in different parts of the world. The deal was sealed during the Minister delegation visit to Gulf area.

”We also managed to open the doors to the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Seppo will gamify The National Innovation Exhibition together with the Ministry of Education on Nov 24-26 2016. The Exhibition is part of the National Innovation week. Hopefully, this is a great opening for a larger collaboration with the Minister of Education,” Riku said.

Seppo team will isit the Netherlands this week. This will be the opening of the market entry to the Dutch market. The feedback has been really positive so far.

“We are moving ahead also in the Fair and events segment. Seppo can be used to gamify different public events. We will gamify Educa Fair in Helsinki and the GESS Fair in Dubai on March,” Riku added.




xEdu and EdTech Sweden are now partners

xEdu and EdTech Sweden are now partners

xEdu and EdTech Sweden have agreed to join hands in starting to build a Nordic EdTech Community. The EdTech scene in both countries is growing and the partnership has the purpose of mutually benefiting the EdTech start up´s in both countries. The Swedish start up´s are able to join the xEdu program and through it get access to the Finnish market. The Finnish start up´s are able to use EdTech Sweden, and their insights of the Swedish market, to their benefit for market access purposes.

“Cooperation with xEdu, the only Nordic EdTech Accelerator, is going to build bridges between our markets. It is also the first step in supporting the companies and their internationalization, as our shared network now expands.” Jannie Jeppesen, Manager at EdTech Sweden.

“We are truly excited about this partnership, as we believe that there are many Swedish EdTech start up´s with high potential. It is in our interest to support them in accelerating their growth. On top of that, we see value in creating possibilities for Finnish and Swedish EdTech start up´s to meet each other. That opens up new horizons for peer-to-peer learning with the aim of creating win-win results. We really look forward to being able to communicate the possibility to join the xEdu program to Sweden through our partner and its extensive network. This is the first step in building a Nordic EdTech Community!” Niko Lindholm, Program Director at xEdu.

Find more information in Swedish here.