xEdu x Startup Estonia collaboration


xEdu x Startup Estonia collaboration


We are excited to announce that this Fall we partner with Startup Estonia for a fruitful collaboration!

Our two countries have been working together over the years, but it is only now that we are bringing Finnish educational know-how and Estonian ideas and startups together to develop EdTech ecosystems I both counties and expand the boundaries of education.

“The main goals of xEdu x Startup Estonia cooperation is to expand opportunities for Estonian education startups to grow and scale to other countries. It also contributes to the development of the EdTech ecosystem in both countries by establishing new international contacts and collaboration opportunities.”

Inga Kõue

EdTech Sector Project lead, Startup Estonia


In practice it opens the doors for the implementation of the co-creation model between schools and startups in the neighboring countries.

xEdu role:

xEdu role in this cooperation is provide knowledge how to develop united education ecosystem, where companies and education institutions create innovation all together.

“We'll be happy to follow the results and expand these types of collaboration to other countries too."

Antti Korhonen

CEO, xEdu

During that collaboration we are happy to welcome 4 Estonian startups into our Fall’19 program to help them grow and share their ideas with us. Please meet:


EdTech Startups to follow this Fall: Meet the new xEdu Fall’ 19 Batch


EdTech Startups to follow this Fall: Meet the new xEdu Fall’ 19 Batch

We are excited to launch our 8th acceleration program featuring crème de la crème of the world's EdTech startups. After receiving more than 100 applications from all over the world, we handpicked the Top 10 to transform the education as we know it.

The top-notch international teams that innovate in experiential, collaborative, phenomenal-based and life-long learning, music, AI, VR and hardware will start their 3-month learning journey with the best coaches in their fields. The program is built around the strong ecosystem that we have created with our partners.

Our long-time main partner Samsung is focusing on the role of Social Impact in technology development and brings the access to the latest mobile and wearable devices for out startups.

This Fall we are thrilled to team up with our neighbor Estonia to boost up educational cooperation of our countries and accelerate the development of the new learning solutions in Estonia by bringing 4 Estonian startups to our program.

Without further ado, please meet the new batch of xEdu startups:




MiTale is a game development company from Finland, with huge passion for interactive storytelling and serious games! We wish to integrate the commercial games playability value and interactive storytelling practices with mixed reality solutions for creating most unique, immersive and meaningful experience.

Our product Sanalanka is interactive speech and languagetherapy tool for young children. Efficient speech and language therapy enhance quality of life and diminish the risks that individuals with language disorders are exposed to.

BigClown Logo (1).png

Big Clown


BigClown is a modular system that makes building IoT solutions simple, linking theory and practice. It comes with practical components for educators and learners to experiment and share specialist technical know-how without fuss. We believe IoT should be accessible, engaging and fun, so we can innovate and inspire the inventors of tomorrow, today, together.


Beenova AI


Beenova AI radically challenges traditional education by leveraging AI, EI and phenomenon-based learning to develop lifelong, personalized learning journeys. Our adaptive micro-learning experience platform includes critical offline learning activities. The data we gather has the power to change the way we learn forever by building learning paths. We leverage Open Education Resources and meet learners where they need to be met, building on a fluid approach to curricula based on what learners need and want to learn.

Chord Hero Logo.png

Chord Hero

Hong Kong

The Maker Ukulele Set is a highly affordable kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele and decorate it using the included tools and watercolours. The set includes a full version of Monster Chords, the mobile game that teaches how to play ukulele. Through building and personalising the ukulele, students experience a hands-on and fun way to self-learn music.

logo alta udocz-01.png



All students reading in one simple place

Reto logo.png



Reto is a platform customizable for any exam. Reto ENARM, our first niche, has helped more than 100,000 physicians to prepare for the Mexican medical residency entrance examination (ENARM). Reto ENARM features exclusive clinical cases, gamified interactions between users, a web simulator, and insights based on their performance. Reto ENARM was launched at the end of 2015 and it has been adopted by more than 100,000 users that accounts for more than 50% of the market. Reto MIR, our next product release, is for the Spanish Medical Board assessment (MIR). Reto Universidad will help high school students in Latin America prepare for college entrance examinations and Reto Bursatil will be used as a tool to prepare for Mexico’s finance and banking certifications.




ELIIS is a user-friendly and customizable childcare management software. ELIIS helps to organize teaching, saves time for headmasters and local government officials. Improves communication between parents and teachers.




Our mobile workshops drive to every school where each student, teacher and parent can test their engineering skills, use different tools and make exciting products.




ALPA Kids is creating a playful and educative mobile platform for pre-schoolers, their parents and kindergarten teachers. It is developed together with child development experts and keeping the focus on the child’s native language, local nature and culture.




FutuClass is a fun and educational Virtual Reality game focused on natural sciences. A game where you solve puzzles and do experiments about difficult science topics. Students will not get blind or burn down the lab, but learn 7 times more by doing.


xEdu’s Fall announcements


xEdu’s Fall announcements

Another acceleration program has come to an end in an epic Demo Day on 4 June. Check the photos from the event on our Facebook page and we thank again Spring19 cohort for the excellent performance! Their journey continues, and so does ours.

We have just opened our application period for the Fall 2019 program. If you are innovating in education and want to impact the world with your product, read more and apply here before 31 July.

For the first time this Fall we will also open part of our program for any startup working in the education area and wishing to boost their pedagogical impact. Pedagogy, Impact, Co-creation, Dare to Learn event and more will be offered o the first 15 startups to apply. Read more here.

And a very exciting update for November – the main EdTech event of Slush week XcitED is coming again on 20 November 2019. And the location? Well, we thought that since we are talking about the future of education, what can be a better place than a school itself? And we found the perfect place - the brand-new cutting-edge Otaniemi upper secondary school of Espoo. Early Bird ticket price only until 30 June. Secure your spot here.


Edtech Finland association founded

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Edtech Finland association founded

The new Finnish Educational Technology Association - Edtech Finland - was officially founded on 23 May 2019.

Edtech Finland is an industry association that brings together Finnish educational technology companies. It looks at the education sector from the entrepreneurs' point of view and helps its member companies through lobbying, influencing and collaborating with other actors in the industry, as well as acting as a platform for mutual cooperation between the members.

Edtech Finland will support its members via:

  • Information sharing and special events for members

  • Perks and discounts for the main education events in Finland and world-wide

  • Lobbying the industry's interests

  • Marketing the companies

  • Access to international cooperation networks through industry organizations in other countries

  • Community building and peer support

"Bridges have been built between different players in education field in general, and it seems that the time is ripe for education technology companies to get stronger together as well. Many edtech companies are small and need support from each other in variety of everyday business questions. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the participating entrepreneurs in the founding meeting", says Heini Karppinen of Mehackit, one of the founding members of the association.

The board of the association consists of edtech entrepreneurs: Heini Karppinen (Mehackit), Mervi Palander (Claned), Juha Telkkinen (Promentor), Makke Leppänen (Eduten), Riku Alkio (Seppo), Heikki Rusama (Freeed) and Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä (Teacher Gaming).

Advisors were chosen as well: Antti Korhonen, Juha Merinen, Andrew Nolan, Niko Lindholm, Petri Saarinen and Peter Fagerström.

Edtech Finland's official website will be launched soon. Stay tuned and welcome aboard!

Please leave your contact details here if you want to get notified when Edtech Finland association starts registering members and launches a website.

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Welcome to the main EdTech event of this season!


Welcome to the main EdTech event of this season!

June in Helsinki will start with an intensive startup week. What are all the events you can take part in?

☑️ You can meet investors at the Finnish Business Angels Network's event EBAN on 3-4 June.

☑️ Get to know the happiest startup ecosystem at NewCo Helsinki's Helsinki Startup Day on 4 June.

☑️ Take part in the most effective networking startup conference Arctic15 on 5-6 June.

What if you are excited about the future of education? Then come to xEdu Demo Day on 4 June at 16:30 (just in-between all the other startup events). 😉

10 education startups will present you the vision of the future of education. They have gone through the long journey of xEdu Spring19 Acceleration Program. Would you like to witness the final step of acceleration and help them to start a new journey to impact the world?

The event will take place in the beautiful new coworking space Epicenter just in the heart of Helsinki. Please register for the xEdu Demo Day here.


Top EdTech startups to follow this Spring: Meet the new xEdu’s cohort

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Top EdTech startups to follow this Spring: Meet the new xEdu’s cohort

We, at xEdu Accelerator, are excited to launch our seventh acceleration program. After receiving 100 applications from 31 countries, we have carefully selected the top 8 startups that will be shaping the future of education.

This cohort is going to be the most international so far with the teams from Finland, Sweden, Italy, UK, Hong Kong and UAE. They innovate in the fields of AR, VR, Learning Support, Knowledge Sharing, Math, History, Social Reading, Sustainability, and STEAM.

Our long-time main partner Samsung is focusing on the role of Social Impact in technology development and brings the access to the latest mobile and wearable devices for the startups. With the help of the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, xEdu startups can co-create their innovative solutions with the schools.

The 3-month journey will culminate in a Demo Day on 4 June 2019 organized in collaboration with FiBAN and Helsinki Startup Day.

Without further ado, please meet the new cohort of xEdu startups:




Betwyll is a webapp combining reading with social networking and enabling life-long learners to read more, better and with lots of fun. On Betwyll, students and readers of all ages read books together following reading calendars and posting comments of a maximum of 140 characters (tweets or twylls). Moreover, they can also chat with the author and the main characters of the book.



Hong Kong

A chart speaks more than a thousand words. Chartipedia transforms key insights from credible data into simple visualizations. We have a vision to create a global chart community for knowledge sharing.

Four Ferries.png

Four Ferries


Four Ferries offers automatic checking of math assignments. The checker verifies students' calculations step-by-step, independently of how they chose to solve the problem. It gives students immediate feedback on their own workings and shows teachers where the students are struggling, allowing teachers to focus on these issues and measure improvements.


Memorandum Unlimited


We bring the past to life with AR technology. Our main products are currently content heavy mobile apps that we make for cities and museums. We specialize in lifelong learning and allow our clients to tell their stories and deepen people's understanding of the site's history with modern tools.




Musemio is a virtual reality edtech platform where culture meets curriculum. Children aged 8-12 adventure through curriculum-led quests that feature cultural artifacts from around the world. Parents can track their child's learning trajectory through our data feedback system. With the simplicity of mobile app and a cardboard headset, children can learn in the way they enjoy most - through play!


Sindyan Educational Media


We produce educational short animated series focused on STEM, coupled with an interactive app for children between the ages of 4-9. The app is available in Arabic and in English. The app includes gaming components, quizzes, fun facts and coloring pages.




Skillgrower uses AI and gamification to enhance motivation and learning results in math. Our mission is to provide all students a feeling of personal success in math while being everything that is needed in the classroom. Skillgrower can save up to 200 hours of teachers time every year.


Snowflake Education


Snowflake Education has developed a framework for integrating sustainable development in courses and education programmes. The framework is based on the educational principles for active learning, flipped classroom and gamification. An integral part of our offering includes a range of educational board games.

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Our Impact in 2018 — xEdu Accelerator


Our Impact in 2018 — xEdu Accelerator

With 2019 around the corner, we want to look back at our journey this year, at the impact that we have managed to create together with our community of startups, mentors and partners. In these infographics, we will highlight some of our milestones after three years of accelerating the edtech ecosystem in Finland and Nordics as well as the first feedback on xEdu-UNTIL Learning Accelerator.

Before we dive into the numbers and memories of this year, let us give you a sneak peek to what awaits us in 2019.

Save the date: 3rd October 2019 — World's largest edtech hackathon by Aalto University, xEdu & Climate-KIC. Let's solve global challenges in digital education together. More details will follow in 2019.

Application for our Spring 19 Program will open on the 7th of January! This time, with a guaranteed match with our investor partners which would mean an investment for up to 50.000 EUR for additional equity. The funding will be based on the milestones startups reach during the program. We will also introduce a startup scorecard for investors.

• We are taking our partnership with GEMS Education to the next level. At XcitED 2018, we signed a MoU with GemsX to collaborate on edtech startup solutions which means more pilots for xEdu Alumni in the best private schools in the world in 2019.

Save the date: 27th November 2019 — XcitED 19.

Antti Korhonen, CEO at xEdu, announcing the MoU with GemsXonline at XcitED 2018

Antti Korhonen, CEO at xEdu, announcing the MoU with GemsXonline at XcitED 2018

All the data and graphics used in this article are extracted from the 27-page xEdu Impact Report that we have shared with our partners and stakeholders. Feel free to contact info@xedu.co to join our mission and become a partner. Social impact is quite a challenging thing to measure, especially when it comes to such a dynamic organisation like startup accelerator. When you read this, please keep in mind that all the startups presented here are in operation. It means that the data and information evolve constantly.

Acceleration Impact

"The Finnish EdTech scene has been on the move in the last couple of years. Previously there was no edtech or innovation ecosystem in place, even though some advanced technical solutions have been developed. In 2015 a few enthusiastic social innovators and business-oriented individuals introduced xEdu." — From the report on development cooperation in the education sector by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2018.

From the very start of xEdu's operation, our big mission was to establish the missing EdTech ecosystem in Finland. Three years later, we may boldly say, we are on the right track. Every year, xEdu receives about 200 applications from all over the world from which, nearly 10% of the startups get accepted to the program. So far, xEdu has accelerated 56 education startups from 11 countries. What is significant, only 3 of the accelerated startups are currently in hibernation, while the rest are actively in operation. You can find more numbers below.

The Geography of Applications for xEdu Program throughout 3 years of activity.

The Geography of Applications for xEdu Program throughout 3 years of activity.

xedu impact numbers.png

2018 In a Nutshell

This year was full of events, great people, success stories and challenges. Our family of xEdu graduates got bigger with 17 new companies from 7 countries. We are extremely proud to support women in tech movement with more than a half of these companies having female Founders or CEOs. 46% of all xEdu Alumni companies have women as founders or executives. And these are not just numbers — this is the power and beauty of our community — in diversity, in equality and understanding.

xedu 18 startups.png
Two Acceleration Programs of 2018 in numbers. We didn’t count how many hours of coaching and mentoring each startup had received but would be a big number, trust us ;)

Two Acceleration Programs of 2018 in numbers. We didn’t count how many hours of coaching and mentoring each startup had received but would be a big number, trust us ;)

You can see the shift in the program design of two most recent batches.

You can see the shift in the program design of two most recent batches.

We design every acceleration program from scratch taking into account a massive amount of feedback we collect from the startup teams and the coaches, plus tailoring the mentoring sessions to the needs of a newly accepted cohort. One of the biggest milestones of 2018 was our first-ever acceleration journey in partnership with UN Technology Innovation Lab.

We asked Arjita Alka Sethi, Co-founder of Equally, one of the four companies accepted to UNTIL-XEDU Learning Accelerator to share her thoughts about this experience.

Arjita Alka Sethi, Co-founder of  Equally

Arjita Alka Sethi, Co-founder of Equally

“Social Impact has always been in the core of our mission as a company. The whole idea of Equally, as you can hear from the name, is to give equal access to education for everyone. Last year, we became semi-finalists of the Global Learning XPRIZE, sponsored by Elon Musk, Google and UNESCO, and that is how we basically started development of our first product. This year, we finally launched it and got accepted to the first program of xEdu-UNTIL Learning Accelerator. It was perfect timing for us and now, with the access to the developing markets, we can build something really impactful and hopefully also profitable,” said Arjita. If you have a similar mission, if you want to make quality education more accessible for everyone, apply for xEdu Acceleration Program in January 2019.

XcitED 2018

The grand finale of the year was XcitED 2018. This year, the main edtech event of Slush gathered the top innovations, investors and the key players of one industry at the Old Student House in Helsinki. More than 20 top-class speakers from 10 countries unfolded some of the hot topics in education. 50 edtech companies showcased their latest innovations in the demo area. xEdu Fall Cohort demo hour, The Night School Dinner and of course the Afterparty. It was quite an exciting day!

We are proud that in the 15-hour XcitED program there was a special place for Social Impact and Impact Investment in Education. Elin Wallberg from Samsung Nordics opened the Impact hour by sharing Samsung's CSR approach to making positive changes in education. UN Assistant Director-General Fabrizio Hochschild delivered a strong speech encouraging entrepreneurs to tackle global challenges in education to make it more accessible and equal for all. He also pointed out the critical lack of investment in education that the world is facing. The panel of top edtech investors featuring Inka Mero, Luben Pampoulov, Luben Pampoulov and Koji Takahashi also tackled this issue as well as shared their vision on edtech market trends and opportunities.

The whole xEdu team is grateful to you for being with us this year. We hope we will stick together in 2019 as well. #StrongerTogether


These EdTech Startups will Showcase their Innovations at XcitED 2018


These EdTech Startups will Showcase their Innovations at XcitED 2018

The main edtech event of Slush is coming back this year. On December 4th, hundreds of innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, investors and policy-makers will meet at XcitED 2018. Before we introduce you the 50 edtech companies that will showcase their innovations in the demo area, let us give you a sneak peek to the 15-hour program we've prepared for you.

More than 20 top-class speakers from 10 countries will review some of the hot issues in the education business, technology, investment and social impact.
xEdu Fall Cohort demo hour. Because we all like some good competitive spirit, don't we?
The Night School Dinner — your chance to share the table and start a more meaningful connection with the speakers, investors and influencers. (You'd need a separate ticket for it though).
The Afterparty will take everyone into the more informal setting. We dare you to make at least 5 new friends there! 

Find all the announced speakers and the full agenda on XcitED website.

Without further ado, let us introduce you 50 top-class edtech companies from 11 countries that you will meet at XcitED Demo Area:


EdTech startups to follow this Fall: Meet the new xEdu's cohort


EdTech startups to follow this Fall: Meet the new xEdu's cohort

We, at xEdu Accelerator, are excited to launch our sixth acceleration program today. After receiving more than 146 applications from 49 countries, we have carefully selected the top 9 startups that will be shaping the future of education.

The top-notch teams that innovate in experiential, collaborative, language and life-long learning, talent-development, AI, Robotics, VR and AR will start their 3-month learning journey with the best coaches in their fields. The program is built around the strong ecosystem that we have created with our partners.

Our long-time main partner Samsung is focusing on the role of Social Impact in technology development and brings the access to the latest mobile and wearable devices for the startups. This Fall, we take our Social Impact mission to a new level by partnering up with UN Technology Innovation Labs and launching a joint program.

A part of the new cohort will be involved in the first-ever xEdu-UNTIL Learning Accelerator. These teams will be attending additional tailor-made modules focusing on the specific issues of the developing countries and will continue with chosen UNTIL country pilot deployments in the Spring of 2019.

Without further ado, please meet the new cohort of xEdu startups:


Viking Theories


Viking Theories teaches better leadership skills through gamification. Its online game combines theory with practice and simulates real-life leadership situations.




iSmart is an inclusive education app especially designed for students with learning difficulties (dyslexia, ADHD and others). It aims to give back confidence to students struggling to read, write and study.




Reactored aims to create a digital language-learning platform which would work as a knowledge streaming service. It offers learning content for all kinds of language learners. That implies a customizable learning experience which would meet the requirements of the national curriculum.

ovo bots.png

OVO Bots


With OVO Bots, kids can learn maths through conversation. The smart bot helps teachers find out potential areas of concern at early stages.


Virtual Film School


Backed by BAFTA, BFI, HTC and three of the film studios, Virtual Film School teaches 2D film in Virtual reality for the next generation of media creators, globally.

XEDU-UNTIL Learning Accelerator Companies:

idea gym.png



Ideasgym provides teachers & students with a Tri-Blended combination of: e-Learning platform (web and mobile-based courses), online shop for affordable educational kits and in-person workshops in Ideasgym Labs inside Universities, Technology parks, Science Centers and Schools.


Kide Science


Kide Science helps kids get excited about the natural sciences through play-based learning. Children get to explore the wonders of the world around them by exploring, experimenting and observing. Join us on a thrilling science adventure that has long-lasting effects.




Equally is building the future of learning for kids of all ages using immersive technology and artificial intelligence. Its first product Da Vinci Club is a social network for kids in AR, where kids unlock knowledge from the world around them and share with their friends.




ROYBI is an AI-powered companion robot for kids aged 3-7 in early childhood education and language development. Over the next few years, the team plans to increase the number of languages ROYBI can teach and to expand content to STEAM learning activities.


UN Technology Innovation Labs partners up with xEdu to create a unique Learning Accelerator


UN Technology Innovation Labs partners up with xEdu to create a unique Learning Accelerator

United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) and xEdu, one of the world’s leading EdTech startup accelerators, announced that they will team up to accelerate the development and implementation of new learning solutions around the world.

Under the initiative, titled “UNTIL-XEDU Learning Accelerator”, the selected startups that are developing and providing learning solutions for the needs of the emerging economies are able to join the xEdu acceleration program of Fall ’18. The program will include additional tailormade modules focusing on the specific issues of the developing countries and will continue with chosen UNTIL country pilot deployments in the Spring of 2019.

Welcoming the collaboration between UNTIL and xEdu, Mr Salem Avan, Chief of Knowledge Management at UNHQ in New York stated “UNTIL is pleased to work with key partners to bring first tangible results out from the collaboration between Finland and the UN that resulted in the creation of UNTIL Finland in Espoo, supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. With the insight that Finland has on how to use technology to make education work, we can expect great things from the collaboration.”

“During the last two years xEdu has been focusing on helping startups to scale-up their education and learning innovations in a sustainable way. This would not have been possible without the help of the Finnish education system, cities of Helsinki and Espoo, nor our main business partners Samsung and Telia. We believe that the collaboration with UNTIL is a great way to empower the startups, and to speed up the global deployment of the best learning innovations. This can create sustainable impact in education,” noted Antti Korhonen, CEO of xEdu.

Overall, it is estimated that in the upcoming years millions of learners will benefit from faster access to new scalable learning solutions provided by the education startups accelerated through the collaboration in the upcoming acceleration programs.

The initiative, which will be coordinated out of UNTIL Labs in Espoo, Finland, is kicked off with a true startup clock speed. The currently open application period for the upcoming xEdu acceleration program will be extended for an additional two weeks, ie. the application period for the UNTIL-XEDU Learning Accelerator will be open until the 22nd of August 2018, and the program starts already in mid-September after the selection process is over. Concrete results of the first joint acceleration program will be featured in Helsinki at the world-leading startup conference Slush in December of 2018.


The Power of Peer Support in EdTech Community


The Power of Peer Support in EdTech Community

Articles and studies on accelerators argue the peer support as a key feature of accelerators and a powerful mechanism in supporting young ventures. What is peer support? Why does it matter? How does it work? Based on our experiences as a program manager of xEdu edtech accelerator and as a researcher focusing on young and new ventures, we try to illuminate the power of peer support with this post.

What is Peer Support?

The startups benefit from the peer support in the accelerator at two levels: 1) through other startups joining the same cohort and 2) through the alumni community i.e. the startups, which have been in the previous batches.  The accelerator is a hub bringing together all the startups and both planned and unplanned encounters may lead to unexpected ways of collaboration.

The sector specificity influences the nature of the peer support. xEdu is categorized as a sector-specific accelerator since it purely focuses on the Education business domain. Many of the xEdu startups have joined other accelerators/incubators before, parallel or after the program. There seems to be a significant difference in peer support activities between sector specific and non-sector specific accelerators:

“the value for the accelerator comes through the industry specificity… in another accelerator we just said ´hello´ to the other startups there was no point for looking for synergies..here we are at the heart of the Finnish EdTech ecosystem”

Startup entrepreneur

A strong peer community provides a basis for the potential collaboration activities both locally and internationally. The background of the entrepreneurs is versatile and the startups learn from each other through sharing. Since xEdu facilitates already an international community of startups by having alumni from 8 countries, the peer support means expanding international networks as well.

Why Does it Matter?

The life of startup entrepreneurs is full of uncertainty. One needs to believe in the idea, the vision and the team. Other startups are important role models, who help in that crucial confidence building. Success stories and role models are powerful.

“like it is role modelling to some extent… different aspects of what they did that I could look up to and yeah because they are your peer group it still feels accessible “

Startup entrepreneur

under the surface we share the same problems and feel the same uncertainty”

Startup entrepreneur


Sharing experiences and asking for advice are the usual forms of everyday peer support. The startups may also support each other e.g. recommending new team members when somebody is hiring or introducing leads.

”This is a remarkable community like you always find those links so there is no need for cold calls here and there but usually you always have somebody who says I will introduce you to that person and it helps further”

Startup entrepreneur

A typical example of collaboration is to share a booth in an exhibition. Or a form of collaboration may be inviting other startups to piloting events, sub-contracting, offering physical premises… you name it, only the sky is limit.  

                  Some of the xEdu Spring '18 Program's Peer Activities                          

How Does it Work?

Within the cohort, the peer support happens through an intensive program of training modules whereas in the alumni community the peer support is mainly facilitated through the events and increasingly through the social media channels. xEdu has also put more effort into systemizing the alumni activities.

When speaking about peer support, it is good to remember the unplanned and unstructured encounters. They take place especially among in-house startups but among others as well. To sum up, the accelerator is a facilitator. It enables the startups to take giant leaps. It seems, the more active and open-minded attitude, the higher probability to truly benefit from the peer community.

The role of xEdu accelerator as an enabler for the peer support is central. It starts by a considered selection of startups, the role of the accelerator is a match-maker. Furthermore, xEdu aims to foster team spirit among the companies in the same batch. Thus, there are regular social events targeted towards the team building activities at the beginning of each batch. Moreover, xEdu organizes social events for the entire alumni community.

The activity of the startups also plays a big role. The startups in the cohort are encouraged to interact and share outside of the planned activities. Real friendships develop between the peers. The atmosphere of openness and support is showing at pitching events and fairs. 

Uploaded by xEdu Program on 2018-06-11.

If you're considering to apply for acceleration or incubation program for your startup you may want to check this guide on how to choose a suitable program. Also, read how to make the most out of the acceleration program and apply for xEdu Acceleration Program! The application will be open until 8 August.


Anette Kairikko is a senior lecturer at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and PhD Candidate at the Westminster Business School. She is currently doing research on startups in the accelerator context.
Anna Dementyeva is the Program Manager of xEdu.


Final Pitches of the xEdu Spring '18 startups, — Video


Final Pitches of the xEdu Spring '18 startups, — Video

xEdu Spring program is officially over: the startups have received their certificates and the application round for the next program is open. A perfect time for a throwback to the Helsinki Startup Day where our Spring batch was rocking the stage.

Before watching this almost one-hour video you might wanna get to know the teams featuring there: 

LessonApp is a mini Teacher Academy in a Pocket. It helps teachers worldwide to design lessons the Finnish way — pedagogically wise and simple.

M2 Talent
M2 Talent has developed a transformative digital tool for matching individuals’ job seeker potential to requirements of the job market. The product can be used as a value-adding career planning tool in the education segment, starting from senior high to university level.

Rolling Stories
Rolling Stories is a tool that allows users to create, combine, and present content, which follows the flow of storytelling.

Superlect is a marketplace for professional education. It encourages anyone with experience and passion to become a teacher. 

World of Insights
World of Insights makes serious games and tools for accelerating workplace learning. These business games blend deceptively simple card and board game features with powerful questions to cover various aspects of business, ranging from innovation and personal development to leadership.

A unique learning experiences bridge the gap between textbook
learning and an on-site application of knowledge by connecting travel
with education.

Gro Play
Gro Play creates good game experiences to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living.

Alumni bonus:

Utelias develops AI powered solutions for learning. Their mission is to make people communicate better with the help of social robots and artificial intelligence.

Seppo makes project-based, experiential learning a part of everyday schoolwork. An innovative online solution for teachers to create educational games. An easy-to-use tool for educators to move learning outside of a classroom.