Spring '18 Program


Gro Play

Gro Play creates good game experiences to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living.


Explore the world through a new lens with BeED's unique Learning Experiences.


LessonApp is a mini Teacher Academy in a Pocket. It helps teachers worldwide to design lessons the Finnish way — pedagogically wise and simple.


Rolling Stories

Rolling Stories is a tool that allows users to create, combine, and present content, which follows the flow of storytelling.

M2 Talent

M2 Talent has developed a transformative digital tool for matching individuals’ job seeker potential to requirements of the job market. The product can be used as a value-adding career planning tool in the education segment, starting from senior high to university level.

World of Insights

World of Insights makes serious games and tools for accelerating workplace learning. These business games blend deceptively simple card and board game features with powerful questions to cover various aspects of business, ranging from innovation and personal development to leadership. 



Superlect is a marketplace for professional education. It encourages anyone with experience and passion to become a teacher. 

School OS

School OS is the powerful AI-based education platform, which uses AI to analyze schools’ data to provide personal counselling to teachers and parents. 

Positive CV

Positive CV is a curriculum vitae of a broad range of skills that helps a child to learn to recognise their various abilities. 

TACT for Ed

TACT is a swarm intelligence online platform which helps schools to create collaborative culture and promote development of the school as a learning organization. 


Fall '17 Program



Costner shows the students’ real time progress in various third party educational applications during class. The Captain also provides learning analytics on long term student performance, which teachers can use for student assessment.


Mehackit high school courses give young students the chance to experience coding through art, music and hardware. Mehackit helps youth and teachers to learn the kind of skills required in today’s world and experience creative control over technology instead of merely assimilating to it.


Foodoppi turns food and science into multi-sensory, hands on learning experiences that can be created, touched and tasted. It develops and designs innovative e-learning programmes for children, educators and parents.



Eduten is a digital learning platform. It provides educators with efficient teaching solutions and students with engaging ways of learning. Eduten's solution is based on more than 10 years of scientific research and built in collaboration with hundreds of teachers. 


Eduality brings new and engaging materials to the traditional classroom, making students active participants through a virtual reality learning environment. It allows exploration of authentic environments that are otherwise out of reach. 


Utelias develops AI powered solutions for learning. Their mission is to make people communicate better with the help of social robots and artificial intelligence.


Nitomani School

Nitomani School is a community based coding school. Through the online-school young coders are able to acquire skills to code games. 


Meini is a web-based platform that allows users to search virtual and augmented reality educational resources and integrate them into their own teaching practices.

Code School Finland

A fun and interesting cartoon story where characters are assisted by solving programming exercises.

Write Technologies

Write Technologies offer a solution for digital handwriting. The solution consists of an App by which a tablet can be used as a handwriting platform, and of a back-end management system for content. 


Spring '17 Program


Teacher Gaming

Teacher Gaming aims to make game-based learning a viable choice for every classroom. Through the TeacherGaming online store, educators and parents get access to mainstream hit games and pedagogical support to harness their learning potential. 


Cuppla is a cloud-based software that allows teachers to collect and share customized digital content straight to students' mobile devices without downloading. 


Workseed offers skill-centric assessment management for vocational institutes and vocational universities. 



Unserious is a collaborative and creative storytelling card game that takes you and your friends, family members or the whole school classroom on a ridiculous sci-fi adventure.


Dibidogs Creative Education creates innovative digital solutions for pre-school children and 1st-2nd graders. Dibidogs TV-series has already over 50 million viewers, so our fans are eager to play and learn with their favourite characters. 

Interactive Scientific

Interactive Scientific is a multi-award-winning company which is dedicated to the development of transformative, tactile digital and analogue experiences that explore the scientific world.


SimLab IT

SimLab IT makes  a number of tools to help orgnaizations educate and train people better using virtual reality online.


Mesensei makes mentoring programs more structured, goal orientated and measurable. It is suitable for both short and long term mentor programs. Digitalise your mentor program and make it mobile! 


Skyler is a tool that helps teachers and students manage project-based learning from
beginning to end. 


Fall '16 Program



3DBear empowers students of all ages by teaching them the fundamentals of 3D modelling, printing, and robotics. To further enhance the immersive experience, it harnesses virtual and augmented reality.


EMMA Math is a novel pedagogical approach to teaching math. It provides turnkey digital material packages for math teaching for K12 schools and publishers.


Lyfta creates interactive VR-documentaries that make serious topics accessible, engaging and fun for learners, and easy to teach and assess for educators.



Mukava is a state-of-the-art service for daycare, combining the various requirements of parents, caregivers and administration staff into one service. First and foremost, Mukava is designed to simplify daily routines at home and in daycare.


TinyApp is an active documentation solution for teachers and families to communicate together. It is a tool to change the early education.  TinyApp is easy to use for teachers, always available for parents and ready for children’s reflections. 


Social emotional learning tool based on the Pikkuli TV series. Pikkuli effectively addresses many learning themes, such as social skills, self-expression and the processing of feelings.



Qridi is an evaluation and assessment tool with a pedagogical approach. You can e.g. measure the 21st-century skills or any other wanted criteria for an individual student, class or school from different perspectives: student, teacher, parents, peers.


Rounders teach emotional skills by combining mobile gaming, internet of things and traditional media. Rounders bring a new, safe framework for children to learn to recognise their feelings, develop emotional intelligence and social skills.


International Minifiddlers is a distance education innovation in violin studies. Minifiddlers offers the best method – the Colourstrings – for that. It provides intensive and systematic virtual education for violin pedagogues by using modern technology.

Atomic Shapes

Atomic Shapes is bridging the gap between 3D printing and Education through a simple and easy-to-use solution to make 3D models. By combining the benefits of both physical and digital modelling Atomic Shapes deliver a simple user experience that allows students to make a 3D model by just using their hands.


Spring '16 Program



Mightifier helps kids to master their social and emotional skills. Teachers will see improved class environment, less bullying, and a better focus on learning. Students expand their individual strength profiles by giving each other positive, strength-based feedback.

Koulu Group

Koulu improves the value for money of private education through establishing private schools, training teachers and developing educational institutions.


Seppo makes project-based, experiential learning a part of everyday schoolwork. An innovative online solution for teachers to create educational games. An easy-to-use tool for educators to move learning outside of a classroom.


Psyon Games

Psyon Games creates high quality, free to play, science entertainment games. These games are based on the research of educational games and science entertainment. 


Bomberbot is a digital learning tool that teaches kids to code. By solving logic-based puzzles with visual programming blocks, children develop basic programming knowledge and computational thinking skills.


Acament offers low-cost and high-quality online university education to emerging markets in Asia and Africa by motivating professors to compete in developing quality learning content.



Revisely is breaking the mould for writing skills. No more correcting with red pens and papers. Now teachers can use this innovative application for correcting writing assignments and providing more and more insightful feedback to their students. 


Flinga platform developed by Nordtouch combines different mobile devices to function as a tool for collaborative knowledge construction. Flinga allows students to participate either individually or simultaneously to conversations or questions asked by the teacher.


EdVisto combines the most ancient teaching method of storytelling with modern video and social sharing technology for a powerful learning solution. When students create stories together, they learn even more, retain the learning longer and develop critical future skills that prepare them far beyond any learning of content alone.




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