We continue to acquaint you with our Spring '17 startup batch. Today we want to share with you an amazing #FunLearning project — The Dibidogs.

Dibidogs Creative Education creates innovative digital solutions for pre-school children and 1st-2nd graders. These playful puppies want to be kids’ best friends in learning. Dibidogs TV-series has already over 50 million viewers, and now fans have an opportunity to play and learn with their favourite characters. 

Dibigochi: Emphasis on speaking and pronunciation. Children are not taught by a teacher, but instead, the child becomes an English language coach for the virtual Dibidog.

Dibicode: Computational thinking and coding education for preschool children, not even able to read yet. Strong emphasis on visual attractiveness.

Dibitales: State-of-the-art application in which children can create their own movies. Unique learning method for storytelling.

Dibiplay: Fun and educational mobile games for generating learning curiosity.

Dibi Academy: Early childhood education centres in China.