The best of Nordic Edtech startups will be on show at Nordic Edtech Award 2017, which is done in collaboration with Slush in Helsinki later this year. The award is the first initiative from a new Nordic Edtech partnership, putting Nordic Edtech on the international investor map. xEdu is proud to be an active part of such initiative.


Finalists get:

  • 1 day ticket to Slush

  • Chance to pitch your product for Slush audience 

  • Kokoa Standard evaluation


Winner gets:

  • 10 000 € investment

  • Place in xEdu Spring 2018 Program

Who can participate?

The competition is for Edtech products from Nordic-founded (from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland) companies. The product needs to represent educational technology, but it can include also non-digital elements (print materials, devices, toys etc.). The non-digital parts need to be sent to the Award organisers for the review. A company can enrol several products (please fill the form separately for each product). The enrolled product needs to be available either in English or in any official Nordic language. The delivered additional product materials need to be in English and the pitching in Slush must be held in English.

Process description

All participants are reviewed by the Nordic Edtech Award organizers. The finalists are informed 1.11.2017. The five selected companies get to the finals held in Slush in Helsinki on 30.11.2017.  The finalists are expected to pitch their product in finals at Slush stage. The place in finals includes a ticket to Slush Edu event and also a one-day ticket to Slush main event. The finalists cover their own travel expenses. The Nordic jury will select the winner based on the pitches at the event. The pitches need to be in English.