The new Finnish Educational Technology Association - Edtech Finland - was officially founded on 23 May 2019.

Edtech Finland is an industry association that brings together Finnish educational technology companies. It looks at the education sector from the entrepreneurs' point of view and helps its member companies through lobbying, influencing and collaborating with other actors in the industry, as well as acting as a platform for mutual cooperation between the members.

Edtech Finland will support its members via:

  • Information sharing and special events for members

  • Perks and discounts for the main education events in Finland and world-wide

  • Lobbying the industry's interests

  • Marketing the companies

  • Access to international cooperation networks through industry organizations in other countries

  • Community building and peer support

"Bridges have been built between different players in education field in general, and it seems that the time is ripe for education technology companies to get stronger together as well. Many edtech companies are small and need support from each other in variety of everyday business questions. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of all the participating entrepreneurs in the founding meeting", says Heini Karppinen of Mehackit, one of the founding members of the association.

The board of the association consists of edtech entrepreneurs: Heini Karppinen (Mehackit), Mervi Palander (Claned), Juha Telkkinen (Promentor), Makke Leppänen (Eduten), Riku Alkio (Seppo), Heikki Rusama (Freeed) and Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä (Teacher Gaming).

Advisors were chosen as well: Antti Korhonen, Juha Merinen, Andrew Nolan, Niko Lindholm, Petri Saarinen and Peter Fagerström.

Edtech Finland's official website will be launched soon. Stay tuned and welcome aboard!

Please leave your contact details here if you want to get notified when Edtech Finland association starts registering members and launches a website.

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