We, at xEdu Accelerator, are excited to launch our seventh acceleration program. After receiving 100 applications from 31 countries, we have carefully selected the top 8 startups that will be shaping the future of education.

This cohort is going to be the most international so far with the teams from Finland, Sweden, Italy, UK, Hong Kong and UAE. They innovate in the fields of AR, VR, Learning Support, Knowledge Sharing, Math, History, Social Reading, Sustainability, and STEAM.

Our long-time main partner Samsung is focusing on the role of Social Impact in technology development and brings the access to the latest mobile and wearable devices for the startups. With the help of the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, xEdu startups can co-create their innovative solutions with the schools.

The 3-month journey will culminate in a Demo Day on 4 June 2019 organized in collaboration with FiBAN and Helsinki Startup Day.

Without further ado, please meet the new cohort of xEdu startups:




Betwyll is a webapp combining reading with social networking and enabling life-long learners to read more, better and with lots of fun. On Betwyll, students and readers of all ages read books together following reading calendars and posting comments of a maximum of 140 characters (tweets or twylls). Moreover, they can also chat with the author and the main characters of the book.



Hong Kong

A chart speaks more than a thousand words. Chartipedia transforms key insights from credible data into simple visualizations. We have a vision to create a global chart community for knowledge sharing.

Four Ferries.png

Four Ferries


Four Ferries offers automatic checking of math assignments. The checker verifies students' calculations step-by-step, independently of how they chose to solve the problem. It gives students immediate feedback on their own workings and shows teachers where the students are struggling, allowing teachers to focus on these issues and measure improvements.


Memorandum Unlimited


We bring the past to life with AR technology. Our main products are currently content heavy mobile apps that we make for cities and museums. We specialize in lifelong learning and allow our clients to tell their stories and deepen people's understanding of the site's history with modern tools.




Musemio is a virtual reality edtech platform where culture meets curriculum. Children aged 8-12 adventure through curriculum-led quests that feature cultural artifacts from around the world. Parents can track their child's learning trajectory through our data feedback system. With the simplicity of mobile app and a cardboard headset, children can learn in the way they enjoy most - through play!


Sindyan Educational Media


We produce educational short animated series focused on STEM, coupled with an interactive app for children between the ages of 4-9. The app is available in Arabic and in English. The app includes gaming components, quizzes, fun facts and coloring pages.




Skillgrower uses AI and gamification to enhance motivation and learning results in math. Our mission is to provide all students a feeling of personal success in math while being everything that is needed in the classroom. Skillgrower can save up to 200 hours of teachers time every year.


Snowflake Education


Snowflake Education has developed a framework for integrating sustainable development in courses and education programmes. The framework is based on the educational principles for active learning, flipped classroom and gamification. An integral part of our offering includes a range of educational board games.

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