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xEdu Spring '17: Meet CEEDCO

xEdu Spring '17: Meet CEEDCO

Introducing another great company from xEdu Spring '17 batch. This team of creative professionals is transforming classrooms into interactive playgrounds for developing 21-century skills.

Teachers often lack the time and confidence to meaningfully integrate technology into their teaching and they often feel undermined by educational technology innovations. Seeing the teacher as a key driver for innovation and change in education, CEEDCO have set out to develop intuitive, affordable and creative analogue tools that empower teacher as designer of creative learning experiences.

The first product, LUPO, is a set of paper method cards, which is used together with an interactive game master manual and a community service for sharing learning experience designs. The product and service empower teachers to transform their classroom into creative, interactive and technology supported #funlearning experiences. The first title in this series is LUPO Space Adventure, a collaborative and creative storytelling card game that turns the classroom into a ridiculous sci-fi adventure to engage students in creative problem-solving. 

LUPO Space Adventure can be easily modified for teacher’s needs by offering a structured methodology and framework that lets them modify their LUPO experience to combine it with multiple subjects, themes, materials or technology. Through our community platform, teachers can then share their LUPO based learning experiences and get inspiration from the experiences of others.