We are excited to launch our 8th acceleration program featuring crème de la crème of the world's EdTech startups. After receiving more than 100 applications from all over the world, we handpicked the Top 10 to transform the education as we know it.

The top-notch international teams that innovate in experiential, collaborative, phenomenal-based and life-long learning, music, AI, VR and hardware will start their 3-month learning journey with the best coaches in their fields. The program is built around the strong ecosystem that we have created with our partners.

Our long-time main partner Samsung is focusing on the role of Social Impact in technology development and brings the access to the latest mobile and wearable devices for out startups.

This Fall we are thrilled to team up with our neighbor Estonia to boost up educational cooperation of our countries and accelerate the development of the new learning solutions in Estonia by bringing 4 Estonian startups to our program.

Without further ado, please meet the new batch of xEdu startups:




MiTale is a game development company from Finland, with huge passion for interactive storytelling and serious games! We wish to integrate the commercial games playability value and interactive storytelling practices with mixed reality solutions for creating most unique, immersive and meaningful experience.

Our product Sanalanka is interactive speech and languagetherapy tool for young children. Efficient speech and language therapy enhance quality of life and diminish the risks that individuals with language disorders are exposed to.

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Big Clown


BigClown is a modular system that makes building IoT solutions simple, linking theory and practice. It comes with practical components for educators and learners to experiment and share specialist technical know-how without fuss. We believe IoT should be accessible, engaging and fun, so we can innovate and inspire the inventors of tomorrow, today, together.


Beenova AI


Beenova AI radically challenges traditional education by leveraging AI, EI and phenomenon-based learning to develop lifelong, personalized learning journeys. Our adaptive micro-learning experience platform includes critical offline learning activities. The data we gather has the power to change the way we learn forever by building learning paths. We leverage Open Education Resources and meet learners where they need to be met, building on a fluid approach to curricula based on what learners need and want to learn.

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Chord Hero

Hong Kong

The Maker Ukulele Set is a highly affordable kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele and decorate it using the included tools and watercolours. The set includes a full version of Monster Chords, the mobile game that teaches how to play ukulele. Through building and personalising the ukulele, students experience a hands-on and fun way to self-learn music.

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All students reading in one simple place

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Reto is a platform customizable for any exam. Reto ENARM, our first niche, has helped more than 100,000 physicians to prepare for the Mexican medical residency entrance examination (ENARM). Reto ENARM features exclusive clinical cases, gamified interactions between users, a web simulator, and insights based on their performance. Reto ENARM was launched at the end of 2015 and it has been adopted by more than 100,000 users that accounts for more than 50% of the market. Reto MIR, our next product release, is for the Spanish Medical Board assessment (MIR). Reto Universidad will help high school students in Latin America prepare for college entrance examinations and Reto Bursatil will be used as a tool to prepare for Mexico’s finance and banking certifications.




ELIIS is a user-friendly and customizable childcare management software. ELIIS helps to organize teaching, saves time for headmasters and local government officials. Improves communication between parents and teachers.




Our mobile workshops drive to every school where each student, teacher and parent can test their engineering skills, use different tools and make exciting products.




ALPA Kids is creating a playful and educative mobile platform for pre-schoolers, their parents and kindergarten teachers. It is developed together with child development experts and keeping the focus on the child’s native language, local nature and culture.




FutuClass is a fun and educational Virtual Reality game focused on natural sciences. A game where you solve puzzles and do experiments about difficult science topics. Students will not get blind or burn down the lab, but learn 7 times more by doing.