Today we want to share the latest news about one of our graduates, a Pokemon Go! of serious gaming — Seppo.

Seppo is an easy-to-use tool for all educators to create and share educational games. The games are played in teams in authentic real life environment using mobile devices. This platform changes the schoolyard, museum, school trip or local park to the learning environment and has a huge impact on learning motivation.

”A few weeks ago we agreed with GEMS Education (the biggest private owned school organisation in the world) that Seppo will be endorsed to all GEMS school in the world. Huge success for us!” Seppo CEO Riku Alkio commented.

There are about 250 000 pupils in the GEMS schools in different parts of the world. The deal was sealed during the Minister delegation visit to Gulf area.

”We also managed to open the doors to the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Seppo will gamify The National Innovation Exhibition together with the Ministry of Education on Nov 24-26 2016. The Exhibition is part of the National Innovation week. Hopefully, this is a great opening for a larger collaboration with the Minister of Education,” Riku said.

Seppo team will isit the Netherlands this week. This will be the opening of the market entry to the Dutch market. The feedback has been really positive so far.

“We are moving ahead also in the Fair and events segment. Seppo can be used to gamify different public events. We will gamify Educa Fair in Helsinki and the GESS Fair in Dubai on March,” Riku added.