xEdu and EdTech Sweden have agreed to join hands in starting to build a Nordic EdTech Community. The EdTech scene in both countries is growing and the partnership has the purpose of mutually benefiting the EdTech start up´s in both countries. The Swedish start up´s are able to join the xEdu program and through it get access to the Finnish market. The Finnish start up´s are able to use EdTech Sweden, and their insights of the Swedish market, to their benefit for market access purposes.

“Cooperation with xEdu, the only Nordic EdTech Accelerator, is going to build bridges between our markets. It is also the first step in supporting the companies and their internationalization, as our shared network now expands.” Jannie Jeppesen, Manager at EdTech Sweden.

“We are truly excited about this partnership, as we believe that there are many Swedish EdTech start up´s with high potential. It is in our interest to support them in accelerating their growth. On top of that, we see value in creating possibilities for Finnish and Swedish EdTech start up´s to meet each other. That opens up new horizons for peer-to-peer learning with the aim of creating win-win results. We really look forward to being able to communicate the possibility to join the xEdu program to Sweden through our partner and its extensive network. This is the first step in building a Nordic EdTech Community!” Niko Lindholm, Program Director at xEdu.

Find more information in Swedish here.