The deadline is approaching! All the great startups transforming classrooms and innovating in education can apply for xEdu Fall '17 acceleration program until June 16.

We have already received a decent amount of high-quality applications but you can set the bar even higher! Those who get accepted into our Fall 2017 Program will get access to the following:

• Cooperation with our Corporate Partners, such as Samsung and Telia Finland.
• Pedagogical evaluation and hands-on guidance from the experts at the Faculty of Education (University of Helsinki).
• Business Development training and support from high-caliber coaches around the world.
• Access to Slush Education in Helsinki.
• Co-Creation and Co-Design process together with Public Schools in Finland. A certificate of "Co-Created with Finnish Schools" from the Department of Education.
• Access to the international markets through our global Partner Network: Sweden (Swedish EdTech Industry), Silicon Valley (GSVlabs), Qatar (Qatar-Finland International School), Hong Kong (香港教育城 HKEdCity) and Singapore (GEMS World Academy).
• Access to an investor network and a possibility to get funded up to 500.000 EUR at the end of the program.

Wanna learn more about xEdu acceleration program? Nobody will tell you better than the startups who participated in it!