The xEdu ecosystem once again proves to be a solid part of a global startup scene. Our partner, in-residence company Fuzu and the Spring '17 acceleration program graduate Teacher Gaming Desk have been selected to Disrupt 100, an annual index celebrating the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. 

Why is this huge?

Each Disrupt 100 venture was sourced from over 5M global startups and corporate ventures, has been scored against specific criteria measuring the potential it has to affect an existing market or geography, introduce new customers into an existing market and/or creating a new market with significant customer demand.

The ventures were then judged by global brands including Google, Uber, Oracle, Silicon Valley Bank and Virgin StartUp, tech accelerators Microsoft Ventures, Accelerated Digital Ventures and Whitespace Ventures and entrepreneurs Emma Sinclair, Tom Goodwin and Bill Liao.

Learn more about our Disruptors:


Fuzu is Africa’s fastest-growing career community. It’s a website and app, offering people access to job recommendations as well as education and career guidance.

There are thousands of jobs on the site, ranging from entry to executive level, and applying is quick and easy. Jobs are recommended to people on the basis of their interests, experience, skills and career goals.

Fuzu also offers hundreds of free online courses to help people build their skills. Staying up to date with new jobs and market information is easy via its fresh blog posts, daily news and lively discussions.

TeacherGaming Desk

The TeacherGaming Desk is a classroom toolbox designed to make game-based learning accessible to everyone. 

By combining a portfolio of mainstream hits with pedagogical support and real-time analytics, we have created a one-click educational gaming solution that suits any environment, regardless of skill level or experience.

With the Desk, we hope to help teachers engage and empower their students better than ever before.