xEdu Srping '16 program graduate, The Mighty United is advancing in the international education markets. The team behind the Mightifier®, an application focusing on social emotional learning, is proud to welcome new investors and advisors –  experienced business leaders Jacob and Hans Dalborg, from Stockholm and serial entrepreneur, key-note speaker and investor Jeany Stein from Silicon Valley. 

“Mightifier is a company with great people and a service that is highly needed in the schools and organizations. We are very proud to be part of them as an investor”, says Jacob Dalborg.

“Mightifier has a great potential in schools. We’ve already seen the positive impact Mightifier has on reducing bullying and boosting inclusive classroom spirit.  I’m very happy to be part of them as an investor and advisor”, continues Jeany Stein.

After graduating from xEdu acceleration program in 2016, the Mightifier team has proven to be one of the breeding winners by scaling into Asia and winning a number of prestigious awards.