xEdu acceleration program graduate Seppo is spurring huge interest in Brazil.  A gamification platform for teachers will be published on Nova Escola — the internet portal that reaches 2,5 million Brazilian teachers each month. 

Seppo is also currently being tested in the SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeships Association) schools. SENAI is a network of over 700 non-profit schools throughout Brazil. SENAI offers basic education and formal training for specific industries. The Seppo pilot has been successful and the association has shown interest in expanding the use of the platform.

After graduating from the xEdu Spring'16 program, Seppo has expanded its user base around the world. "We have operations in the Middle East and Europe, users in Asia, New Zealand and the U.S. and now we are getting a foothold in Latin America too. Learning happens locally but there can be universal solutions for it," says Riku Alkio, CEO of Seppo.