xEdu acceleration program alumnus Lyfta Oy has been selected by Red Cross International for a large global security project over the coming year.

Lyfta’s founders started making 360 storyworlds in 2010, combining know-how in Education, Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive storytelling technology. Lyfta will use VR for training Red Cross personnel, who are going on assignments in developing countries. 

"Lyfta is very excited to be working with the Red Cross on rethinking how learning materials of the future will look like. In this phase of our collaboration, we are making the first ever Virtual Reality learning environment for Red Cross staff going out to work in developing countries. In this course, Virtual Reality enables the learner to feel immersed in an environment prior to travelling there and makes learning faster, deeper and more engaging," said Paulina Tervo, co-CEO of Lyfta. "We see Virtual Reality as a hugely important tool for learning in future."