Continuous training is extremely important for skill-based work, and if not done properly can lead to costly mistakes. For example, in Europe 23% of citizens are said to be directly affected by medical error, and these errors are said to be the third leading cause of death in the USA. Additional/continuous training with simulations can reduce errors; however, current training methods are time intensive, resource intensive, costly, and do not track what skills professionals/student are at risk of degrading.

Ve-Top is a distribution platform for educators which distributes virtual reality content, collects data from the content, and plots a path for improvement for students and professionals. Ve-Top is currently helping medical students and professionals improve skills while reducing harmful medical errors.

By automating the training process using virtual environment, we can significantly reduce the cost of training, resources usage, and time needed to do traditional training. Moreover, Ve-Top tracks each professional's progress to recommend ways to improve skills and create a growth plan. The objective is to automate and personalise the learning process using virtual reality, data, and machine learning.