Introducing another brilliant team of xEdu Spring '17 program. From the creators of MinecraftEdu, one of the biggest success stories in game-based learning to date, — 5 More Minutes.  

While game-based learning is a trendy topic at the moment, it is not very compatible with formal education. The bulk of educational games are low-quality and badly designed. Schools are a difficult market for developers to reach, and even if they do, there is a high threshold for adopting a brand new teaching medium. 

The ecosystem developed by 5 More Minutes aims to make game-based learning a viable choice for every classroom. Through the TeacherGaming online store, educators and parents get access to mainstream hit games and pedagogical support to harness their learning potential. TG analytics platform shows you what goes on under the hood, with complex algorithms that quite literally make learning visible.

As a whole, the TeacherGaming ecosystem lowers the threshold for using games in the classroom. The TG Store portfolio of entertaining PC and mobile games is mapped to a flexible skill framework that can be adapted to fit any curriculum. TG Analytics translates in-game activities into skill development, providing insights into student progress and learning outcomes. Lesson materials and tools developed by our team of teachers facilitate the process in practice.